3 Reasons Why All Women Should Lift Weights

As our first blog post, we at Inpulse Active wanted to talk about something that we hold dear. WEIGHT TRAINING. To some it evokes joy and others, well a big bulky muscly woman (secretly asking yourself “is that actually a woman?!”).

There is an underlying stereotype that heavy resistance training is an activity meant for men. Women have various fears and beliefs that lead them to discount heavy lifting *insert previous image of big bulky muscly woman*. But beside health reasons like stronger bones and less chance of diabetes we’re here today to dispel some of the rumours and why it offers unique benefits other physical activity can’t!


1) Lifting Heavy Weights Produces Incredible Weight Loss

Weight lifting can reduce your weight by shifting where your body stores its sugar and fat! When you lift weights sugar stores and fat stores in your muscles are being depleted. Your body then shifts fat from beneath your skin to muscular stores as well as converting fewer carbs into fat. In addition, with increased muscle mass your metabolic rate increases, which means you’ll burn more energy during your day from everyday activities! Who doesn’t want that?


2) You Won’t Get Bulky

The underlying fear that lifting weights will make you a big bulky monster is absolutely false. If this were true, every man who went to the gym, would be packed full of muscle and flaunting themselves at you. The difference in the real world, is that it takes men a long time to grow their desired muscle mass, unfortunately, they are still flaunting themselves to you in whatever state they’re in.

Men also have much higher levels of testosterone and a different make up of muscle fibers which makes it much easier for them to get bulky. Women who are big and muscular usually have to dedicate massive quantities of time to intense training, it does not happen accidentally.


3) Long Periods of Cardio Won’t Burn Fat

The body has a funny response to long slow periods of cardio, any extra calories burned by exercise in this way, are then compensated by your body by reducing its metabolism, and slowing down the amount of energy burned in the day. Way to work with me body! 

Ladies if you decide to input cardio into your routine, try HIIT or PACE cardio. These methods have all the benefits with none of the problems caused by classic cardiovascular training methods.

In addition to that, most people don’t realize that weight loss is produced primarily by diet and not exercise.

Not sold yet?         

One of my favourite examples to help dispel this myth is to look at real life examples. Look at elite sports women, beside a few, most of them are not bulky despite spending hours in the gym training for their sports. They generally just look fit!

With all the misinformation regarding weight lifting, you can’t be blamed for thinking weight lifting may be bad for women but the benefits are countless and speak for themselves. It’s time to take charge the Inpulse Active way and push the body and mind to its limits! It only takes a full body routine twice a week to yield results, so why not grab your tights and tank top (why not start here...) and start lifting?

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