Goal Setting for 2017

The holiday season has kicked right in. With all this extra cheer in the air, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on your achievements for 2016.

If you haven’t accomplished all your goals, don’t worry. You may be like most of the population who just need a little bit of structure and accountability to get there.

One client came to me this time last year, unhappy with the way she looked and felt. She rattled off a long list of habits she wasn’t proud of. She got it all off her chest and waited for my response.

Then I replied with. “Ok, so what do you eat every afternoon at 3pm?”

She looked at me confused.

I went on to explain that most times, going on a restrictive diet and exercise routine will leave you burnt out in a matter of days or weeks. Choosing just one habit and changing that permanently everyday will have 365 times more influence on your health and well-being.

As her mind ticked over, she answered with “Ok. Well, usually a processed bar, a diet coke, latte or nothing”.

Because our health, metabolism, energy levels and waist lines are made up of what we repeatedly do, day in, day out every year. When she was able to swap her processed bar to fruit and yogurt, she gained so much. Sustained energy to power through her last few hours of work, she enjoyed her evenings more, went for a walk some days… And yep, her waist line reduced over time.

Now it’s your turn.

What’s one daily habit you could change for a healthier alternative?

Here is some inspiration:

  • Swapping your Friday night drinks for a yoga class with a friend.
  • Invest in a personal trainer this year and go to the gym twice instead of once/week.
  • Meditate for 4 minutes every morning.
  • A run outside every Saturday morning before a healthy breakfast.
  • A fruit smoothie for breakfast each morning instead of nothing.

Once you have picked one, here are three tips to get things moving.

  1. Get prepared. My client had to make a conscious effort to purchase her yogurt and fruit every week. She had to take it to work and make sure she had enough stock till Friday. Maybe you need to book that yoga class in advance? Invest in some sassy Active Wear to get excited to go to the gym every week. (My favourite is the Cindy range – in Pink)
  2. Get accountable. Tell a friend, or someone in the office who can give you a boost of encouragement when you need it. Set reminders on your phone and even use apps like Habit list or Goal Tracker.
  3. Remember your personal reason WHY. Usually this comes down to being a better version of your beautiful self. Include your reason “WHY” in the description when your reminder goes off.

Just remember, it takes 21 (successful) days before a habit becomes a routine, so give yourself some patience and by the end of January you will be ready to move onto your next habit :)

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