About Us

Inpulse Active - For strong women. By strong women.

Inpulse Active is a Sydney based brand that was created to help women strive for more. Tired of seeing uninspiring brands, using models instead of healthy women, we wanted to see a brand that valued strong women so we created our own!

Our philosophy is based on focusing on the journey, developing strength and pushing past your limits. We believe wholeheartedly that women should aspire to be strong women.

We understand that different women have different goals, so we created a range to appeal to women in all stages of fitness. Whether you prefer something understated and stylish, a pop of colour or a flash of skin, we have a top, bra or bottom which is perfect for you and your journey.




Sizing Chart

To make it easier to pick the correct size, we have standardized our styles into XS, S, M and L.

The size chart is to be used as a guide to choose the right size for you. Sizes may vary between cuts and styles.

Inpulse Active Size Chart

Inpulse Active Size chart